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Fodmap Rub

Fodmap Rub


Chili Level - None

This rub is a lovely gentle herbaceous all-purpose rub that will delight all and offend no one.

I originally made this for people who suffered irritable bowel syndrome, people who had FODMAP and for people allergic to garlic, onion, fructose, soy products and other things. It is also a great rub for those that don’t like the chili side of life or who want a break from the big chili heat of my other rubs.

It will work on any type of meat or seafood you care to cook – chicken, fish, lamb, pork, goat, beef, prawns etc. It is also ideal as a seasoning when cooking vegetables, soups, stews, marinades or bbq’d haloumi cheese! It is great in beer batters, scrambled eggs or to season flour before egging and crumbing what ever it is you may be egging and crumbing.

This is a great rub for all people and all occasions!

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Ingredients: Rice Flour, Tomato Powder, Brown Sugar, Smokey Paprika, Salt, Sumac, Black Pepper, Dried Rosemary, Dried Basil, Celery Salt, Dried Parsley, Cardamom Powder, All Spice, Dried Chives, Ground Bay Leaf