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Serves 8 - 10

2 cups of Coopers Best Extra Stout

¼ cup of espresso

3 free ranges eggs – separated

1/3 cup of castor sugar

250 grams of mascarpone cream

250 grams pure cream

50 mils of Kahlua

100 grams of 70% dark chocolate - grated

1 500 gram packet of Savoiardi Biscuit – 24 in the packet

*recipe and picture from    Cooking with Beer    , published by Murdoch Books

*recipe and picture from Cooking with Beer , published by Murdoch Books

In a large bowl combine the beer and the espresso.

In an electric cake mixer combine the sugar and the egg yolks and beat on moderate speed for 10 to 15 minutes. Whilst they are mixing in a separate bowl whip the cream until quite thick being careful not to over beat it. In another bowl beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form. Once the eggs and cream have been beaten add the Mascarpone cream and beat gently until well combined then gently fold through the whipped cream and add the Kahlua mixing well. Now fold through the egg whites.

You can make these in individual portions or you can make this in a large rectangular baking dish or lasagna dish it’s up to you, I made mine in a rectangular baking dish. Spread a thin layer of the mascarpone mixture on the bottom of the baking dish. Dip a Savoiardi biscuit in the stout and coffee mixture for about 4 seconds per side - you do not want the biscuit to become soggy, then lay it on top of the mixture. Repeat the process laying the biscuits side by side until you have a layer of biscuits covering the bottom of the dish. Spoon a thick layer of the mascarpone over the biscuits and then sprinkle the grated chocolate over the top. Repeat the process dipping the remaining biscuits and laying them on top of the first row pressing them down a little. Once you have completed that row spoon a thick layer of the remaining mascarpone mix over the top of the biscuits and again finish the process by sprinkling some more of the grated chocolate over the top. Cover and put in the fridge for several hours before serving.