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Paul Mercurio’s Spice Rubs

If variety is the spice of life, then Paul Mercurio’s Rubs will certainly spice up your life! They are the perfect companion with their namesake – Chicken Rub on chicken wings, Lamb Rub on lamb ribs, etc. But these rubs are incredibly versatile and can be used on almost anything to add that extra zing to whatever you might be cooking.

You can use any of the rubs on any cut of meat, fish or seafood you desire – in fact, you can use them on any cheese or vegetable you’re going to chuck in the oven, frying pan or BBQ. Not only can you use them to season your chips, risotto or tomatoes on toast, you can also use them in marinades or sauces. It’s all up to you and your imagination. So go on – spice up your life!

About the Rubs

All of my rubs come in 240g stand up resealable pouches – which is great as once they are opened you can squeeze the air out and reseal them - something you cannot do with a jar or bottled rub – which means they will stay fresher longer.

If you really want the ability to sprinkle or shake your rub out of a shaker then buy a shaker from a kitchen shop or supermarket. When you are preparing your meat put some rub into the shaker and use then put whatever is remaining in the shaker back in to the pouch pushing all of the air out before resealing.  If you leave rub in the shaker it will have too much air in the shaker making contact with the rub and this will make the rub go stale quicker. It will also contribute to the rub clumping or caking. My Fodmap Rub and Lamb rub are not suitable for shakers due the fact that they have some larger dried herbs in them that would not get through the shaker holes.

All of my rubs are Gluten free and Vegan friendly. They contain only natural ingredients – so no “e” numbers, sweeteners, artificial colours, artificial flavours and no chemical anti caking agents. If you have a read about anti caking agents then you will be relieved to know I do not use them in any of my products.

Origin of the Spice Rubs

When I put together each of my rubs it was with the intention of matching it to its namesake. For instance, after living in Vancouver for 5 months working on the film I Robot and immersing myself in the whole low and slow BBQ scene in Canada I returned home and wanted to smoke my own brisket. First thing was to create my own rub based on what I had learnt in Vancouver and also on research and reading I had done. So way back in 2004 I came up with my beef rub specifically for smoking brisket. I haven’t changed the recipe since then and I haven’t used any other rub when I smoke brisket. Truth is I could use any of my rubs on Brisket as they would all be delicious and add their own unique character to the finished product.

The same can be said for all of my rubs. When I put the recipes together it was specifically the chicken rub for wings, pork rub for pulled pork, lamb for lamb ribs etc The only rub I didn’t create for a particular meat is the Fodmap Rub as that was created specifically for people with dietary issues and that rub, as it turns out, is delicious on all meats, fish and seafood!

Paul shows how to use his Pork Rub on Pork ribs

How should you use my rubs?

Read on below for some hints, tips and ideas you may never have thought of.  

  • All of the rubs are delicious on Chicken Wings – coat well and roast, grill, bbq or smoke.

  • All of the rubs are delicious on Haloumi Cheese – coat well and fry in pan with olive oil.

  • All of my rubs are great to use to season roast potatoes or bbq’d/grilled/roast vegetables.

  • All of my rubs are interchangeable: Beef on chicken, Lamb on calamari, Pork on fish, Chicken on pork ribs. There are no rules just taste sensations!

    What else can you use any of my rubs for?

  • Season, lamb, beef, pork or chicken mince for tacos or pizza toppings or pasta sauce.

  • Put in a beer batter for fish and chips.

  • Put in butter milk chicken.

  • Season flour when making schnitzel or crumbed zucchini sticks

  • Season flour before dredging meat in it then browning it off for stews or curries

  • You can use my rubs in slow cookers to add further flavour to the dish.

  • Season fresh cut tomato on toast or your poached eggs.

  • Add to burger patties.

  • Add to soups.

  • Add to marinades.

  • Use like a Dukkah – dip bread in olive oil and then into the rub

  • Coat tofu before frying

  • Mix into flour when making pizza bases or flat breads.

  • Add to frying onions when making risotto, curries, soups or stews.

  • Season cream cheese before stuffing jalapenos for poppers or stuffing chicken breasts

  • Rubs come from a history of low and slow cooking however you can use them in hot and fast cooking also.

  • Coat calamari/squid before frying or deep frying

  • Coat steak, chops, chicken, fish, prawns, goat, pork chops etc before grilling on hot bbq or fry pan

  • Mix through corn flour and rice flour for crispy deep fried prawns, fish bites, chicken strips or crispy tofu

  • Flavour tempura batter for crispy fried vegetable tempura

    These are just a few ideas on what and how you can use all of my rubs for your culinary delights. No rules just have a go!