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Paul Mercurio’s Condiments

Paul Mercurio’s Beerlicious Condiments are made for people who love flavour, love quality and love their food. They are handmade using the finest of ingredients, including the best Tasmanian apple cider vinegar and two of Australia’s favourite beers

About the Condiments

Like the bearded woman, the sword swallower and the tattooed man Paul Mercurio’s Beerlicious range of condiments are unique, risqué, colourful, festive and adventurous. They are made for people who want something a little different to the norm, people who aren’t afraid to be themselves and celebrate that fact.

It is for people who wish to share the good things in life with family and friends and celebrate the mere fact that the sun is shining, or not, but they have good food on the table, good ale to drink it with and uniquely Beerlicious condiments to add to the flavour of the day.

 Beerlicious is a range of condiments made with great quality local ingredients which true to the bright lights of the circus carnival have been given the added handspring of a balanced and joyous dose of carefully selected hand-crafted Australian ales.

Are you prepared to be a little different? Go on, embrace your inner bearded Lady? It’s time you got Beerlicious!

Origin of the Spice Rubs

Way back in 1988 I stared to brew my own beer – if you click on my Cooking with Beer page you can read up on those adventures and the fact that making beer is really a process of cooking. I started to experiment with putting different ingredients into my beer – raspberries, apricots, honey then I started to put beer into my food – stout into my home made sausages, wheat beer into braised quail and lambic into sorbet etc So really it is no surprise that I then ventured in to making my own beer based sauces and condiments.

I love the idea of beer as a quirky added ingredient to any food but with the Condiment range I really wanted to capture the circus sort of show ground feel. A place where you have to suspend your imagination for a moment or indeed speed it up and embrace the strange, the unique, the topsy turvy of the bright lights, loud music and bright colours of the circus.

At the moment I only have my Beerlicious Kick Ass Hot Beer Mustard and my Beetroot and Stout Chutney on the market but there are several more chutneys and sauces ready to go as I can find the rope to haul the curtain up and the pay monkey grinder to play.

How should you use my condiments?

Read on below for some hints, tips and ideas you may never have thought of.  

  • All of You can also put them in yoghurt to make a flavoured drizzle sauce for roasted meats or vegetables.

  • You can also mix them through some cream cheese or mascarpone and use the mix as a dip.

  • A spoon or two of either condiment mixed into some beaten eggs before you tip it in the fry pan and scramble them adds some lovely flavour.

  • You can add them to a bechamel for your corned beef or grilled asparagus.

  • Or add some to your hollandaise to spice up your eggs beernadict. (see what I did there?)

  • Quite simply either condiment or in fact both together on a ham sandwich, a hot dog with the lot, or a stacked burger will lift said delights to even greater heights.

  • I do like to use the mustard in salad dressing and marinades, and I love to use the Beetroot to help flavour up soups, stews and slow cooks.

     The point I am really trying to make is please don’t just put it with your BBQ snags – which is absolutely delicious – and then leave it in the back of the fridge only to find it a year later and lament the fact you have to throw it out and you really wished you had used it.

    USE IT! And use your imagination to discover other ways my Beerlicious Mustard and Chutney can lift what you might be cooking or eating.

    Oh, BTW they are great with cheese, biscuits and a cold beer or wine and yes, a friend of mine really does eat the chutney served on vanilla ice-cream